ankit verma@ 7:35pm 04-03-2009
HI i m ankit and cricket is my life. playing cricket for 9 years now and just moved to US and wana make cricket not likely as a future but kind of a future. i think cricket should be in all schools and colleges first as youth is the first start .
thank u and keeping growing cricket
can@ 11:19am 03-12-2009
it must be in all high school. if cricket want any future in united state.
ronak patel@ 6:32pm 02-19-2009
i want to joint the cricket club in the chicago
Josh@ 9:53pm 01-26-2009
G'day to you all. My name is Josh and I live in Australia but I am actualy an American. I have been living here for 5 years now and I have fallen in love with the game of Cricket. I am absolutly proud as punch to know that the game is now being plaid in my neck of the woods(Denver) and is growing at a rapid speed. One day I will return to my beloved States and I would love to join a Cricket team whilst their. Best of luck to you all and hope to see you soon.
Bill@ 7:30pm 01-18-2009
If you want to see some good hitting, go to utube and do a search for "SA vs Aust" (without the quotes) and check out the video "SA vs Australia 1st T20-20 highlights". There's a young guy that got thrown into the Australian team called Warner (apparently bowls a bit of leg spin!) and he absolutely smashed the South African bowlers - some great sixes.
Srishti Laller@ 5:50pm 12-24-2008
hey, i'm an Indian girl and cricket is my passion and i just want to know the answer of this question that why don't America starts playing Cricket. I live in America and here we don't have cricket in our school. Americans have all other games in the high school but accept cricket.i don't know how i can send my this message to the american government.
thankyou for reading my messange and sharing my feelings . But if i can get one chance to play cricket in stadium, i will surely proove my self.
harmeet@ 8:27pm 10-25-2008
u need to advertise the game .lacrosse isnt that popular but they promote it really well so people watch it. we need to promote!!!!
Edward Fox@ 12:18pm 10-22-2008
" G'day, and Welcome to Cricket America's "HAVE YOUR SAY" page. I will delete any inappropriate comments as this is a family site. I'm sure almost all of you will respect that.
Have fun.

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