lala@ 4:38pm 02-23-2016
this website wasnt very helpful
lala@ 4:38pm 02-23-2016
this website wasnt very helpful
Robin Kennedy@ 4:33am 02-09-2015
Hi Everyone, There is an event conducted by Moneygram. You have a chance to cheer your favourite team online and win tickets for ICC Cricket World Cup 2015. There are lots of other prizes to be won too. The Link For Site is given below. Cheer your favourite team and win exciting prizes!!!! Win Tickets for ICC Cricket World Cup 2015
Mark@ 2:36am 12-29-2014
Congratulations for continuing to promote Cricket in the US. It's THE favourite team sport in Australia throughout late Spring, Summer and early Autumn. It's also a game that absolutely anyone can join in, and is playable at all levels, ages and standards of ability.
chanaka silva@ 11:28pm 07-24-2013
im chanaka silva from sri lanka. im playing domestic cricket for sri lanka . i m an allrounder let arm legspiner & left handed top order batsman".. so, i like to join & play your club. can you help me to join & play your club
my cricinfo link
parthi@ 9:09am 08-03-2012
I am parthi from india , i think America should give a chance to talented world wide players like , players who had talent and missed playing for there respective country's . To promote cricket in America and sponsor the player .
CHAMPAK SISODIA@ 11:56am 05-24-2012
we have played world cup winner India (1983) on
our ground in Baltimore, Maryland(Maryland Cricket Club,founding memeber of wcl)
jagadeepu@ 1:30am 04-10-2012
I am very happy after visiting this site ..................thanks for sharing all the information on this web site .........please keep sharing tips .
Vijay thorave@ 4:39am 12-13-2010
Hi myself vijay from india and undoubtly a true fan of cricket. Very happy to see that americans also getting into the game. Hope to see usa winnin the world cup in future. Thanx VIJAY
waruna@ 12:06am 08-14-2010
hi,im waruna from sri just 19 years old cricketer.i would like to join America cricket.last year in school torment i get 800 runs for 16 matches and get 40 wickets in 9 matches..plz be glad to help me to join america cricket.i ll help to build ur cricket..this is my e mail..xxxxxxxxxxxxx (removed to protect commenter)
himanshu kapoor@ 2:04am 04-22-2010
and i wanted to say:
iam hoping to play for india my self himanshu kapoor son of vijay kapoor and bro of ashwani kapoor,ashish kapoor,rohan kapoor and last i love my cricket
robin@ 8:38pm 04-19-2010
hi my name is robin richards and i love cricket i am 15 years old am from the caribbean in dominica i play cricket rill good because i praktes alot whene i get older i wont to play for the usa
sany@ 6:36am 03-15-2010
im hoping for play america
Rob McInerney@ 3:50am 08-19-2009
Hi from Sydney, Australia. Congratulations on your website - I think it's fantastic that you promote the game of cricket in America. As you have a large number of ex-pat Indians, Pakastanis, South Africans, English & Australians living in your wonderful country, I'm not surprised that cricket is 'up and running'. I'd love to see Americans of all ages embrace the game and I wish you all the very best in your future endeavours. Kind regards, Rob
Nick@ 3:51pm 08-07-2009
Sitting here depressed in Cheshire, watching England get trounced by Australia in the highlights of the first day of the 4th Ashes test.
Trying to distract myself from the misery by looking at random cricket pages on the impressed it seems to be thriving states side...

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